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The letter F crossword puzzle

2. Snow----
3. With spirit
4. Buddy
5. Easily broken
7. Bright light
9. Sensations of taste and smell
11. Not last
14. Birds have them
17. Lucky
19. Keeps you warm
21. A fish
22. Your imagination
23. Lots of trees
1. Part of the hand
2. A mythical character
4. To turn a liquid into a solid
5. Not a leader
6. An increase in body temperature
8. Not slow
10. Parent
11. Captures fish and shell fish
12. To do often
13. You could get this in the winter
15. Past, present, ----
16. Bad or offensive
18. Emotion
20. Homemade candy
19. Not hilly

2a-flake; 3a-feisty; 4a-friend; 5a-fragile; 7a-flare; 9a-flavor; 11a-first; 14a-feathers; 17a-fortunate; 19a-fireplace; 21a-flounder; 22a-figment; 23a-forest; 1d-finger; 2d-fairy; 4d-freeze; 5d-follower; 6d-fever; 8d-fast; 10d-father; 11d-fisherman; 12d-frequent; 13d-frostbite; 15d-future; 16d-flagrant; 18d-feelings; 20d-fudge; 22d-flat

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