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Christmas crossword puzzle

2. The church ---- makes beautiful music especially at Christmastime.
5. Does your mother serve Christmas ---- for dessert on Christmas day?
6. If you've been naughty you could get this in your stocking.
8. Do you have lots of yummy ---- with your dinner?
11. Do you have flowers on your ---- at Christmastime?
13. What do you get when you open a present on Christmas morning?
14. Does Santa put ---- in your stocking?
16. Do you take part in ---- at school?
17. Christmastime is such a ---- time.

1. A box of --- is a very special Christmas treat!
3. Does your mother cook a ---- on Christmas day?
4. It's so nice to enjoy the warmth of the ---- in the winter.
7. Do you have a ---- scene on your fireplace mantle?
9. Do you ---- gifts with your friends at Christmastime?
10. Does your mother put sage in the ----?
12. Do you go to ---- at Christmastime?
15. What do you put on your potatoes and turkey?

2a-choir; 5a-pudding; 6a-coal; 8a-vegetables; 11a-table; 13a-surprise; 14a-oranges; 16a-plays; 17a-happy; 1d-chocolates; 3d-turkey; 4d-fireplace; 7d-nativity; 9d-exchange; 10d-stuffing; 12d-church; 15d-gravy
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