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Christmas crossword puzzle

2. Christmastime is a season for ----.
6. Christmas is such a ---- occasion.
9. These are put on your Christmas tree.
11. Santa goes down here with his sack of toys.
13. This can be seen on your window pane.
14. What month does Christmas fall on?
15. You need one of these for opening your nuts.
16. You always get a ---- from school at Christmastime.
1. These can be found under the tree.
3. Have you ever made a popcorn ----?
4. One nice thing about Christmas is being with the ----.
5. Who helps Santa make the toys?
7. Christmastime is a time for good ----.
8. This is a type of cookie.
10. These are exchanged at Christmastime.
12. These keep your hands warm.

2a-giving; 6a-joyous; 9a-lights; 11a-chimney; 13a-frost; 14a-December; 15a-nutcracker; 16a-holiday; 1d-gifts; 3d-garland; 4d-family; 5d-elves; 7d-cheer; 8d-gingerbread; 10d-cards; 12d-mittens

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