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Christmas crossword puzzle

1. This is a pretty Christmas plant.
5. They sometimes come to your door at Christmastime.
6. These go on the Christmas tree.
8. You can glide across the ice while doing this in the wintertime.
9. Do you get one of these trees at Christmastime?
10. It's fun to make these out of snow.
12. ---- is a special treat at Christmastime.
13. Does Santa leave you some yummy ----?
14. You tie your gifts with pretty ----.
15. Christmastime is a good time to go ----.
16. Do you help your mother bake ----?
2. What falls gently from the sky in the winter?
3. You can make a wish with this.
4. Santa has nine of these.
7. This is a popular drink at Christmastime.
9. Some people go on a ---- ride at Christmastime.
10. Some people like to do this at Christmastime.
11. Santa puts toys and candy in these.
14. This reindeer has a red nose.

1a-poinsettia; 5a-carolers; 6a-ornaments; 8a-skating; 9a-spruce; 10a-snowballs; 12a-fruitcake; 13a-candy; 14a-ribbon; 15a-sledding; 16a-cookies; 2d-snowflakes; 3d-wishbone; 4d-reindeer; 7d-eggnog; 9d-sleigh; 10d-skiing; 11d-stockings; 14d-Rudolph

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