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Christmas Season
2. It is often ---- on Christmas day.
6. Always wear one of these in the cold.
7. You can see this on your window panes.
9. It's fun to play in this.
12. Temperatures can be ---- at Christmastime.
13. This will help to keep you warm.
16. Be careful you don't get hit by these.
20. This can be done downhill or cross country.
21. Hold on tight if you go ----.
23. Which month does Christmas fall on?
24. This can be done on ice.
1. You absolutely need these in the wintertime!
3. It's fun to build a ----.
4. These can be seen hanging from your window frames.
5. Christmas comes in the ----/
7. It's tricky to build a snow ----.
8. Cold can give you the ----.
10. These keep your fingers warm.
11. These tickle your face.
14. This will keep your ears warm.
15. You need sharp blades for this.
17. When it's snowing heavily with the wind blowing, it's called a ----.
18. Winter is a lot of ----.
19. These keep your toes warm.
22. Don't fall on the ----!

2a-cold; 6a-jacket; 7a-frost; 9a-snow; 12a-freezing; 13a-sweater; 16a-snowballs; 20a-skiing; 21a-tobogganing; 23a-December; 24a-sliding; 1d-boots; 3d-snowman; 4d-icicles; 5d-winter; 7d-fort; 8d-shivers; 10d-mittens; 11d-snowflakes; 14d-hat; 15d-skating; 17d-blizzard; 18d-fun; 19d-socks; 22d-ice;
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