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New Year's crossword puzzle

4. The new year begins in ----.
7. At the stroke of midnight, things can get very ----.
8. These are used to decorate for New Year's.
11. What is watched closely as the new year approaches?

1. You have to pop this before toasting the new year.
2. Is a picture of a baby, dog or cat used to indicate the new year has begun?
3. A drink with lots of ---- is sometimes used to toast the new year.
5. It is said that you ring out the old ---- and ring in the new.
6. ---- is sometimes served to ring in the new year.
9. Is a picture of an old woman or man used to indicate the end of the old year?
10. The person representing the old year carries a ----.

4a-January; 7a-loud; 8a-streamers; 11a-clock; 1d-cork; 2d-baby; 3d-bubbles; 5d-year; 6d-punch; 9d-man; 10d-scythe;

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