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New Year's crossword puzzle

4. It's nice to ring in the new year with your ----.
6. A lot of people make ---- for the New Year.
8. These come from the kitchen on New Year's Day.
11. This car can be an expensive way to go to the New Year's Eve parties.
12. These go well with a fancy dress for the party.

1. People like to ---- up for the New Year's parties.
2. Some men wear fancy ---- to the New Year's eve dances.
3. These make a noise and are fun to play with.
5. The new year is toasted in with these.
7. The baby, representing the new year wears only a ----.
9. Some people wear ---- on their hands to the New Year's eve dances.
10. Some even wear a ---- hat to the dances.

4a-friends; 6a-promises; 8a-aromas; 11a-limousine; 12a-heels; 1d-dress; 2d-tuxedos; 3d-crackers; 5d-beverages; 7d-diaper; 9d-gloves; 10d-top;

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