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New Year's crossword puzzle

4. It's nice to sit at a ---- with your friends at the party.
5. Sometimes there is a big ---- at the New Year's eve celebrations.
7. These are exchanged when celebrating the new year.
8. This is thrown around when ringing in the new year.
9. Sometimes bright ---- are used for decoration.
12. ---- select and play music for the dances.

1. A ---- plays music for the New Year's eve dance.
2. Sometimes the dance ---- is crowded.
3. People are usually ---- when ringing in the new year.
6. Sometimes there are ---- to ring in the new year.
10. ---- are usually plentiful on New Year's eve and day.
11. Starting a new year is usually a ---- time.

4a-table; 5a-crowd; 7a-greetings; 8a-confetti; 9a-ribbons; 12a-deejays; 1d-band; 2d-floor; 3d-merry; 6d-fireworks; 10d-treats; 11d-happy;

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