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Solar System crossword puzzle

4. What planet resembles Neptune?
6. The Earth revolves around the ----
7. Pluto is known as a ---- planet
8. Neptune has ---- moons
9. The red planet is called ----
12. How many moons does Mercury have?
13. Uranus may have a lot of large ----
17. The Greek name for the Earth is ----
18. The hottest planet in the Solar System is ----
19. How many moons does Mars have?
20. Uranus spins on its ----
1. What is the Earth's moon called?
2. The ---- is the biggest of all the terrestrial planets
3. ---- has no solid surface
5. Mercury has a ---- surface
6. The storm on Neptune is called the Great Dark ----
9. Jupiter has ---- moons
10. Luna is covered with ----
11. Mars has the bigest ---- in the Solar System
14. ---- has many moons
15. What is another word for the hot molten substance you see after a volcano erupts?
16. Saturn has beautiful ----
17. What three letter word means Earth?

4a-Uranus; 6a-sun; 7a-dwarf; 8a-thirteen; 9a-Mars; 12a-none; 13a-diamonds; 17a-Gaea; 18a-Venus; 19a-two; 20a-side; 1d-Luna; 2d-Earth; 3d-Jupiter; 5d-wrinkled; 6d-Spot; 9d-many; 10d-craters; 11d-volcano; 14d-Saturn; 15d-lava; 16d-rings; 17d-geo

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