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Valentine's Day crossword puzzle

3. Valentine ---- are very popular on Valentine's Day.
6. Valentine's Day is a ---- holiday.
8. A box of ---- is a common gift for a loved one.
11. It is popular to exchange these on Valentine's Day.
12. Cupid shoots an ---- from his bow.
1. Valentine's Day falls in what month?
2. ---- Valentine's Day
4. Valentine's ---- with good music are a lot of fun.
5. ---- are often given to a loved one on Valentine's Day.
7. Who is the god of love and beauty?
9. This represents love on Valentine cards.
10. People express their ---- for each other on this day.

3a-parties; 6a-romantic; 8a-chocolates; 11a-cards; 12a-arrow; 1d-February; 2d-Saint; 4d-dances; 5d-flowers; 7d-Cupid; 9d-heart; 10d-love;

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