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Valentine's Day crossword puzzle

1. Presents with pretty ribbons and tied with a ---- are exchanged.
3. ---- are plentiful on Valentine's Day.
4. These are exchanged on Valentine's Day.
7. Flowers with thorns are a popular gift for a loved one.
9. This is a common gift on Valentine's Day.
10. Another name for a loved one.
2. Good ---- are usually exchanged on this day.
5. Loved ones exchance ---- on Valentine's Day.
6. You dance to music made by this.
7. ---- is a popular color on this day.
8. It's nice to exchange greetings with ---- on Valentine's Day.
9. Two people in love would be called a ----.

1a-bow; 3a-kisses; 4a-hugs; 7a-roses; 9a-candy; 10a-sweetheart; 2d-wishes; 5d-gifts; 6d-band; 7d-red; 8d-friends; 9d-couple;

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