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Valentine's Day crossword puzzle

2. Cupid wears only a ----!
6. Love ---- are written to a loved one.
7. The air is full of ---- on Valentine's Day.
9. Quite often there are school ---- parties on this day.
10. Cupid can mend a ---- heart.
1. ---- with hearts are a popular gift on Valentine's Day.
3. Cards help us express our ---- for our friends and loved ones.
4. ---- parties are something to look forward to on Valentine's Day.
5. Don't forget to give a valentine to your ----.
8. Cookies and ---- are yummy!
9. We trade gifts with friends because we ---- for them.
11. Valentine's Day is a fun day for ----.

2a-diaper; 6a-letters; 7a-romance; 9a-class; 10a-broken; 1d-teddies; 3d-feelings; 4d-school; 5d-teacher; 8d-punch; 9d-care; 9d-kids;

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